Monday, October 3, 2016

† Pumpkin Town † // Kasdeya .Dresses.

Oooo how I love October... so many deliciously dark events!

.HollyWeird. is once again a part of Pumpkin Town this year. Not only is this a shopping event, but there is also live DJ events, gifts in each shop, a hunt for more free Halloweenie style things... and lots of very creepy decor to investigate....

P U M P K I N    T O W N -------- Ride!

Here is what you will find there from .HollyWeird.

(3 styles available - Bats - Zombies - Skulls)

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

† Retro Rewind Fair - The 50's † // Posey Dress & Heels

Depraved Nation is sending us back in time with their Retro Rewind Fair... The event features designs from the 20's 50's  & the 80s. .HollyWeird. brings you some style straight outta the 50's.

R E T R O     R E W I N D ........ RIDE! 

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

† Fluffy & Fierce Event † // Savage .Harness Top.

The Fluffy & Fierce Event & Hunt is now open...

.HollyWeird. is part of the Fierce team and here is what we have available for your fierceness...

F L U F F Y   &   F I E R C E ------------ Ride!

Also be sure to grab the hints & LMs for the hunt!

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

† Fable Fair † /// Hekate .Tank Dress.

.HollyWeird. is excited to be a part of the ~Fable Fair~... where every booth/store tells a fable.

F A B L E    F A I R ..........................Ride!

Here is what you will find from .HollyWeird.

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Friday, August 5, 2016

† Darkness Chamber Fair † // Marilyn .Shorts.

The Darkness Chamber Fair is back for another round of incredibly dark and delicious items...

Here is what you will find from .HollyWeird.....

†The Marilyn Shorts are a very sexy retro styled short with a dark twist. 6 Styles Available!†

D A R K N E S S    C H A M B E R    F A I R ..............Ride!

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

† Suicide Dollz † // Aislyn .Dress. w/ HUD

Another round of Suicide Dollz opened today and here is what you will find from .HollyWeird.....

† Aislyn .Dress. -- Includes a 4 style HUD

S U I C I D E    D O L L Z.......... Ride!~

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

† Suicide Dollz // Mermaid & Minnie .Bootie Shorts. †

Another round of Suicide Dollz is now open with all the darkness your lil black heart can handle....

Here is what you will find from .HollyWeird.

†   S U I C I D E     D O L L Z..... .RIDE!   †

Each Version comes with a 7 style HUD:

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

† RAF Rock Attitude Fair // Roxi & Cobain Punk Tank Tops & Leggings †

Its time to rock out..... with your...  yah.  you know. 

Once again, the RAF ~ Rock Attitude Fair has hit the grid with all your rock star needs. Here is what you will find from .HollyWeird.

-Roxi .Punk Tank Tops & Leggings // 6 punk style tops + 3 punk patchwork leggings available!

=Cobain .Tank Tops & Leggings // 6 color style shimmery tanks + 1 leggings available!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

† The Darkness Chamber Fair // Scarlett Burlesque Dresses †

The Darkness Chamber Fair is once again open, and this time with a ~Freak Show~ theme!

Here is what you will find from .HollyWeird.

T H E    D A R K N E S S    C H A M B E R     F A I R....... RIDE!  †

     -Scarlett  .Burlesque Dress.-

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

† Tropical Summer Fair // Retrokini .Suits. †

Time to get your summer wardrobe ready! The Tropical Summer Fair is now open and full of amazing summer time designs!

Here is what you will find from .HollyWeird.  ~Enjoy!

T R O P I C A L    S U M M E R     F A I R ........ RIDE! †

† Retrokini .Suit. †

AVAILABLE IN: Cherry - Lace - Dots & Cross Designs

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

† Suicide Dollz † // Emi .Bone/Leather Corset.

Another round of Suicide Dollz is upon us.... and that means some more deliciously dark items for you lovelies. Here is what you will find from .HФllyWeird.

† EMI  .Bone/Leather Corset. -- 100% Mesh / HUD / SIZES (Fitmesh XXS-L - Maitreya - TMP - Physique - Hourglass - Freya - Isis - Venus)

†† S U I C I D E    D O L L Z ---------RIDE! ††

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Friday, May 13, 2016

† On the Boardwalk - OTB - Gacha Fair // 3rd Eye .Glasses. + Viola .Cameo Necklace.

.HollyWeird, is happy to be a sponsor for the current round of the OTB Gacha Fair. We have two Gacha machines with NEW items in this round! So be sure to stop by and take a look at all the Gacha Goodness!

†  OTB - On The Boardwalk ~ Gacha Fair RIDE

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

† anyBODY † // Gypsy .Skirt w/shawl + Top.

.HollyWeird. is in the May round of anyBODY, where the theme is ~May Flowers~

And here is what you will find:

† Gyspy Skirt - Shawl - Top: The Skirt & Shawl have HUD options, while the top comes in one basic black color. Sizes: Fitmesh XS- XL + Belleza, Maitreya & Slink.  *PLEASE TRY DEMO*


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Monday, April 25, 2016

† Something Wicked Begins † // Faida .Winged Heels. w/ HUD

.HollyWeird. is sponsoring an event that we are new to....
~Something Wicked Begins~  Brought to you by Hidden Sanctuary Events.

Here is what you will find there from .HollyWeird.

† Faida .Winged Heels. w/HUD: 100% Unrigged Mesh Heels. Comes with a color HUD for the wings.

S O M E T H I N G   W I C K E D   B E G I N S.......... Ride!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

† Fantasy Faire 2016 - Relay For Life Event † // Angelika .Dress & Wings.

It is that time once again, when a magical place of beauty and giving is upon us.... Fantasy Faire.

.HollyWeird is honored to have been a part of this wonderful event for the past 3 years, as it truly is the greatest event in SL.  Having lost family and friends to cancer, this Relay For Life event is near and dear to my heart, and I am always willing to give time and effort for this wonderful cause as so many others come together to do the same.

Please find the time to explore the beautifully created sims, shop the shops and/or donate to this amazing cause. Thank you ♥

Here is what you will find from .Hollyweird. (100% of proceeds go to RFL)

† Angelika .Dress & Wings.:  8 Colors Available // Each includes a set of damaged Wings

F A N T A S Y    F A I R E    2 0 16 ............ RIDE!

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

† Black Fashion Fair - 2016 † // Acantha .Dresses. w/ HUDS

.HollyWeird. is excited to once again be participating in one of its favorite events of the year, The Black Fashion Fair. If you have a dark side, or maybe just love the dark color in fashion, this event is perfect for you!

Here is what you will find from .HollyWeird.

† Acantha Dress w/ HUD: Fitted Mesh Sizes XXS-L + Slink // Two Versions with HUDS (Patterns or Goth) Please try Demo before purchasing!

† B  L A C K     F A S H I O N     F A I R...........RIDE! †

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

† 100 BLOCK - Fashion Fair † // Rania .Crop Top & Baggies.

The Depraved Nation Event, 100 Block Fashion Fair, is once again upon us... This is an urban themed fashion fair infused with art and music.

Here is the exclusives you will find from .HollyWeird.

† Rania .Crop Tops & Baggies.: The Crop top is available in 8 different goth styles and 8 different colors. The Baggies are available in 8 vibrant colors. 

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