Saturday, July 28, 2012

FlashBack 80's Watches (Past and Future Hunt)

For the upcoming -Past & Future Hunt- I decided to recreate one of my fav accessories from the 80's... This is going to seriously age me, but back when I was in high school, SWATCH Watches were the total shiz!!...  They came in a HUGE variety of powerful colors and designs, and they were one of those MUST HAVE wardrobe items, and wearing multiples at once was the thing to do.

So I created the FlashBack Watches as a nod to this (past) fashion trend. For the hunt, it will come as a 8 pack, with many different styles and colors to appeal to all. After the hunt they will be sold individually, so be sure to snag up this hunt item.

Hunt runs August 1st - 31st

Now for some of my 80's FlashBack favs for ya.... Enjoy!

Love me some Bananarama! 

I could listen to this stuff all day... but I s'pose thats nuff for now :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back with some BOOTS made for Walking!

Ok so things are somewhat settling down in my RL as I had to take a hiatus from my SL and business to attend to things... and by things, I mean a total butthole.

So I got my shiz kickin boots on and Im ready to eff up your world... ok, maybe not eff it up... just make it look really fierce and sexy. Ha!

Anti-Womanizer Boots... These plat-ankle boots are the perfect accessory to kick those womanizers to the curb. They come equipped with a resizer script and they will look fab with any look you throw together....

Snag them here:  

Sunday, July 1, 2012

.HollyWeird. @ Depraved Nation!!

After much shuffling and moving and more crazeeeee -ish- .HollyWeird has finally landed at Depraved Nation!  Kehl and Heather offered me a wonderful spot for my MAIN at Depraved and it was an offer I couldn't pass up!!  Toxxic Rhiannyr owner of ALTER EGO has also picked up BOTH of her sims and dropped them at the other end of Depraved.... making this place a 4 SIM WIDE SHOPPING experience. You will NOT find a more awesome place to shop amongst SL's top designers.

Read More About it Here =>>

And come check it all out HERE ===>

Earthy Headbands -Peace Hemp Stars-

These cute lil mother nature inspired headbands are a great little addition to any look. Choose from either a Hemp, Peace Symbol or Patriotic Stars look and each are only 99L.

Group Members can snag the patriotic one up for FREE until July 4th... So hurry in!

Snag them now: