Monday, December 17, 2012

.HollyWeird. Accepted Into Whore Couture Fair 2!

Early this year I had the pleasure of being invited into my very first fair by the adorable MissQwerty Pevensey... and that Fair was the ~Whore Couture Fair~.... Throughout this year I have been involved in many wonderful fairs, but none as fantabulous as the Whore Couture Fair. So I am super duperly tickled to announce that .HollyWeird. has once again been accepted into the first round of designers for the upcoming WCF2!  Yaya!

The fair will begin on March 1st... So mark them calendars and stay tuned here for some sneak peeks!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

.HollyWeird. Welcomes A New BLOGGER

.HollyWeird. would like to take a minute to welcome a new blogger to the team....

*~ Diaz Soir ~*

So go check her out and give her some blog lovin!


Thursday, December 13, 2012


FROST FAIR is open! Well it actually opened yesterday, but since I have family in town this week, I'm a bit behind on getting this post out........   Anyways, back to the FAIR stuffs.... .HollyWeird. has two new exclusives for your wintery shopping pleasure out and ready to be snatched up!  I originally had planned to release 3 items, but I still have some fine tuning to do on one of them (yeah I can be a tad OCD about that kinda stuff..LOL)... and it will later be released at a great price for ya!

Here are the two Exclusives and a couple snapshots of the Frost Store.... There is also some hand picked favorites from the mainstore at the FROST FAIR at a 'Freezingly Fantastic' Price of 32L! See what I just did there....... mmmhmmmm ;)

Frost Fair SLurl:

.HollyWeird. Linkage:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Frost Fair [Item Teaser] -- Blizzard Boots --

I am wayyyy excited for the upcoming FROST FAIR that is coming to the grid on 12.12.12 and brought to you by -Depraved Nation-..... So excited that I am leaking a pic of one of my exclusives for the icy event. These ~Blizzard Boots~ are padded latex, knee high boots and the perfect addition for your winter wardrobe.... and the price will blow you away.... but yeah, your going to have to stay tuned for all those kinda details. ;)

Blizzard Boots~

Skirt: Blow-Up
Vest: Epic
Hair: .Ploom.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Frost Fair 12.12.12 -Video Teaser-

Super psyched for the upcoming FROST FAIR brought to the grid by Depraved Nation? I know I am.
Watch this video teaser.....  Yay!

Stay tuned for updates on some of the .HollyWeird. Exclusives you will be able to snag up from here...
Till then........... Stay Weird.

New December Hunts

Okay peeps, December is here..... What? Already? I know right!!!  And so that means, NEW hunts are starting up. Time to get your hunt on!

Hunts starting December 1st:

                          ~Santa's Little Diva Hunt~ Brought to you by DivaLicious Events:

                                                             ~Sweet Christmas Hunt~

                                ~The Brothers Grimm Hunt~ Brought to you by Toro Hunts:
                            Inspired by the story 'Cinderella' One of my all time FAV stories

                                       ~Goth Xmas Hunt~ Brought to you by Nefeli Events:

You can HUNT for all these items at the .HollyWeird. Mainstore.....

Your ride and Links:

Winter Fair 2012

Dress warm, bundle up, and plan on heading over to the 2012 Winter Fair today!  Featuring TONS of insanely talented designers, this event is aimed at satisfying your winter wardrobe and fashion needs....

And here are the EXCLUSIVES that .HollyWeird. has brought to the event:

Stay warm & accessorize with these Winter Knit Wraps!

Time to get your UGGs on! And 4 different styles to choose from!

This Adorbs headband is such a cutesy item for your wardrobe.... and it features an ON/OFF 
Twinkle/Snow option!

This icy piercing is an Exclusive Subscriber FREEB!
{Buy the item for 0L and be added to the .HollyWeird. Subscriber!}

.HollyWeird. normal day prices are 99L or Less, soooo you can be sure to find all the above EXCLUSIVE Winter Fair items for a steal of a deal @ 50L or Less!

Your Winter Fair 2012 Ride:

.HollyWeird. Links:

Friday, November 23, 2012


Everything at .HollyWeird. has been SLASHED down to 50% off!! With Normal day prices 99L or less.... this is a STEAL!!  Limited Time only, so HURRY IN!

And while your there, don't forget to snatch up the latest Group/Subscriber FREEBIE!

-Snow Flurry Earrings-

Your .HollyWeird. Ride:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Santa Sack Hunt 2! -Xmas Light Earrings-

This is the 2nd year that I have had the privilege of being a part of the ~Santa Sack Hunt~ and its always an fantabulous event. Brought to you by iTouch Hunts, this hunt begins tomorrow November 19th and will run till December 19th..... Here is what you will be hunting for at .HollyWeird.

Ohhhhhh.... Twinkly Xmas Lights!

Hunt Hint: "Here I patiently sit watching at the hopes that St. Nick will soon bere here"

Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Cheer Hunt ~Merry FreakMas Plugs~

.HollyWeird. is kickin off the Holiday Season a bit early with the  -Christmas Cheer Hunt-  brought to the grid by JC Presents ~~~ The hunt runs November 15th- December 26th.

-Merry FreakMas Unisex Plugs-

Your .HollyWeird. Hunt Hint: I'm hung from the railing with care?.in hopes that you will soon be here

You can Hunt for it HERE!!!!!

~Happy Hunting!~

New Location~New LOWER Prices!

SL can be such a fickle bish..... *wink*

Well due to some unforeseen business circumstances, I have chosen to pick .HollyWeird. on up and move it to a location by itself... Well not totally by itself, as its in good company with my other store... GENZ GESTURES... heh. All I will say, is that taking the wheel of my own ride is what is best for my stores... now and always.....   =>>>  [GENZ GESTURES Ride]

And with this move, I have taken the time to reevaluate some biz stuffs... I have always felt that SL should be adorable and affordable... so with that in mind, all items in .HollyWeird. will be priced 99L or less. Now you can accessorize for less!

[=New= .HollyWeird. Ride]

Stay Weird!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

GROUP GIFT ~ Wicked Jack -Belly Piercing-

Here is another .HollyWeird. -GROUP GIFT- for the Halloween Holiday....


            Your .HollyWeird. Ride:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scary Face Halloween Gatcha Fair -A Depraved Nation Event-

As usual, Depraved Nation has put on yet another rad event. This time it is a Halloween themed Gatcha Event called ~Scary Face Halloween Gatcha Fair~.... And you will LOVE it.

With TONS of  your favorite designers participating, you will find LOADS of crazy, spooky and frightening items to collect and share.

The event begins Oct 15th and will run through November 1st

.Hollyweird. Gatcha Items.... Each only 20L and be sure to try and catch the rares!

So many Halloween Gatchas!!

Your Scary Face Halloween Gatcha Ride:

~.HollyWeird. Linkage~

Spooktacular Fair Items

FHG is putting on a freakishly haunting event called 'Spooktacular!' and .Hollyweird. is Stoked to be a part of it!

The event begins Oct 15th and will run through Halloween Oct 31st. Each designer has placed out many items in the 'Spooky' Halloween theme, and EVERY item is priced 50L or less!

Here are the 4 items that I made exclusively for this event.... PLUS a few themed items I dragged out from the Mainstore floor and knocked down to 50L or less.....  Hurry and check em out!

.HollyWeird. Coffin Booth of Goodies!

~ .HollyWeird. Linkage~

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Boho Culture Fair ~More Exclusives~

Just finished up the last of my items for the ~Boho Culture Fair~
The fun begins.....October 15th... C ya there!

(Boho -Bazaar- Item) 

(Boho Freebie)

You can find all four items at the ~Boho Culture Fair~
(SLurl..... COMING SOON!)

.HollyWeird. Mainstore:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween @ Lost Isle....

Things just got creepy @ Lost Isle.....

Just hangin' around.... Won't you join me? ;)

Home to .Hollyweird. ~ Demented DreamWorx ~ Essencial ~ Genz Gestures

Friday, October 5, 2012

Boho Culture Fair -Jeweled Feet & Flip Flops-

BOHO CULTURE FAIR   -Oct 15th ~ Oct31st 2012-

~The Boho Couture Fair Born from few ideas about the urban style in second life.
All Know about this tendecy in sl.
All see avatar wear  Baggy pants, Jean Washed, Fresh Skin, Flip Flop and Other More things.~
Our Fair Show  theme is URBAN & HIPPIE TENDENCY, is important to remember that all products have to be related in this Tendency~

The Boho Culture Fair is right around the corner and for this very chic event, I decided to put out a very hippy styled, jeweled up, prim feet with flip flops.

The ~Gypsy~ Jeweled Feet & Flips Flops come with a HUD to easily change/match your skin tone, resize to fit, and a Nail color/shine/glow option.

Link to Boho Culture Fair: COMING SOON!!

Ride to .HollyWeird. Mainstore:

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Group Gift ~Vamp Ring~

I just set out a new group gifty..... The Vamp Ring. This ring is the perfect lil accessory for all your Halloween outfits!


You can snatch up this gifty in the .HollyWeird. Lobby

Nails by: Demented DreamWorX
(A .HollyWeird. Neighbor...check em out!)

Bitten -Piercing- [New]

Just in time for Halloween..... and I looooooooove Halloween..... is my latest item.

~Bitten~ Mouth Piercing -- This piercing is unisex, and also comes with a nifty resizer.
So come and get your bite on!..........................

You can find this item in the .HollyWeird. Lobby ==>

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hunt & Fair Items

Well its just about October and that means.... MORE HUNTS & FAIRS! Yay!

Here are 4 items from the ones that begin on October 1st. Stay tuned because October is stuffed full with all kindsa events and hunts... so there is much more free -NEW- ness on its way.

Check these out:

~Marilyn~ Mouth Piercing  (Feast of all Saints Hunt-Oct 1-Nov 1)

[ Item located at the .HW. Mainstore ]

~Franky Stein~ Neck Piercing  (Freak Meets Cutie Hunt-Oct 1-31)

[ Item located at the .HW. Mainstore ]

~Fortune Teller~ Unisex Necklace (Bangles, Bobbles & Bones Hunt-Oct 1-31)

[ Item located at the .HW. Mainstore ]

~Gothica~ Earrings (VA Moon Festival/Hunt Sept 30th- Oct 14th)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My SLoupon Rant.... Cuz I can.

About a week ago I received an IM from someone I didn't know.... This person snagged my attention away from working for 10 WHOLE MINUTES, to explain his new sale typy event (yet he says it is not an event...Wutevs!) Anywhoooos... He lets me know that I was referred to his 'event' from a fellow merchant friend of mine (whom I adore <3 & not her fault)... He also drops me a NC stock full of info, answers my questions, and then practically BEGS me to join their website, so as I can get good 'feel' for what their site and presence is about. So I look. I join. I apply.....

I even recommend the site to a fellow designer friend... and she applies as well. Less then 24 hours later she gets her answer. DENIED!  Denied because her store isn't a 'good fit'....

My application results? Must have been lost in the mail... Or maybe they were REALLY THINKING HARD on this one. Pfff... About 4 days later I get my response (and I applied first)... DENIED!  And for the same reason.. I dont fit. Whaaaaaaaaadafuk?

Ok, so let me get this straight.... YOU people come knockin on my IM box... drag me away from working to tell me all about their neato new EVENT... ITS AN EFFIN EVENT OK?!? Make me sign up for their site, friend me on their site, blah blah blah..... and it never occurs to them to check out if I 'FIT' before they decide to contact me? Lame.

So I have to ask the question.....  What non-themed, generic as FUK sale event would turn away ANY designer? Don't you want to appeal to all types? I would get it if this event was called 'Medieval Times Sales'... but it isnt. So why the whole 'FIT' crap? I dont get it.

Don't get me wrong, I could care less about the sale event... those are a dime a dozen in SL....  and I don't always get accepted into things I apply for.... No Biggie.  But to not do your homework on a store/designer before taking time out of your SL and theirs to try to lure them in... Well that only shows your level of sucking. So go suck it somewhere else. I run my business well and legit and I will never stand for the morons of SL who don't respect other people and their time. My business is real... Respect that!

Ok... rant over  *bows*  Thanks for listening... love to you all bitches! ;)