Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ϯ .HollyWeird. is Back Ϯ

Well its been an eventful summer, thanks to those who stuck by me and encouraged me through the fiasco of losing my 7 year old SL account and .HollyWeird. with it, to getting it back again... <3

.HollyWeird. is just about ready to open its doors once again, and invite you into a newly designed and decorated mainstore, that I hope you will take the time to visit soon.... but even though the Mainstore isnt quite open yet (give or take a few days until it does)  .HollyWeird. is still participating in some awesome events....

Ϯ  Suicide Dollz  Ϯ  

Another round of SD is about to begin and here is one of the exclusive items you can grab from .HollyWeird. there... And as always, I have marked it down a bit for the event. Enjoy!

Suicide Dollz opens tomorrow 9/21/14 @ 1pm

Saturday, September 6, 2014

-Thrift Shop 6.0-

Thrift Shop 6.0 hits the grid on Monday Sept. 8th.... and here is one of the exclusives you will find from Kursed...  and at 50% off the original price!

Sponsored By:  Razor///, /Heathenesque/, <3Heartistic~, Scene, 7Mad;Ravens, Bombshell, Damselfly, Deadpool, Intrepid, Image Essentials, Letis Tattoo & The Plastik

Opens: Monday Sept 8th!

-Suicide Dollz-

Another round of Suicide Dollz is about to begin... here is one of the exclusives you can snag up from Kursed..... and at a discounted price of only 69L!

Opens Sunday Sept. 7th @ 1pm SLT