Friday, February 26, 2016

Ϯ Kinky Monthly Event Ϯ // Kali .Korsets.

Another round of the Kinky Monthly Event is now open!

And here is what you can snatch up from .HollyWeird.

Ϯ Kali .Korsets. - 2 Styles Available (Ribs & Skulls) // Both come with color HUD

K I N K Y    M O N T H L Y ----------------- RIDE!

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ϯ Suicide Dollz Ϯ // DesDemona Top & Pant Sets

Another round of Suicide Dollz is Open and here is what you will find from .HollyWeird.

Ϯ DESDEMONA .Top & Pant. Sets: The DesDemona Sets come in (3) different styles to choose from and each set is complete with a top and pant.

3 Styles Available: Plaid (shown in pic) Lace, Satin......

S U I C I D E     D O L L Z......    =====>>> RIDE!

Ϯ Flower Power Fair Ϯ // Oleander Leather Jackets & Skirt

Flower Power Fair has sprung.... and here is what you can pick from .HollyWeird.

Oleander Leather Jackets & Skirt:    3 Styles of Jackets to choose from, and each comes with a shirt or shirtless version. They each also include a HUD for the shirt version.

The Oleander skirt is sold separately and goes beautifully with the jackets, so be sure to snag one up!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Ϯ OTB: Bitter Love Gacha Fair // Thin Line .Love Hate Necklaces.

On the Boardwalk has just opened another gacha event and the theme for this round is 'Bitter Love'

Here are the Necklaces from .HollyWeird. that you can play to win..... Good Luck!

OTB:  BITTER LOVE    G A C H A   F A I R..........   RIDE!

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Ϯ  SLurl: In World Store closed temporarily.