Saturday, September 6, 2014

-Thrift Shop 6.0-

Thrift Shop 6.0 hits the grid on Monday Sept. 8th.... and here is one of the exclusives you will find from Kursed...  and at 50% off the original price!

Sponsored By:  Razor///, /Heathenesque/, <3Heartistic~, Scene, 7Mad;Ravens, Bombshell, Damselfly, Deadpool, Intrepid, Image Essentials, Letis Tattoo & The Plastik

Opens: Monday Sept 8th!

-Suicide Dollz-

Another round of Suicide Dollz is about to begin... here is one of the exclusives you can snag up from Kursed..... and at a discounted price of only 69L!

Opens Sunday Sept. 7th @ 1pm SLT

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Suicide Dollz - Zaphara Tattoo

 Time for another round at Suicide Dollz.... annnnnd here is the exclusive tattoo you can grab from            .HollyWeird.  Only 95L and comes with both Fresh and Faded ink and with multiple layers.....

                                                        {{ SUICIDE DOLLZ RIDE }}


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

- Fresh Style - New Event w/ New Exclusive!

                        A NEW Event has hit the grid.....  Fresh Style! Fashion for Less
                              (Exclusive items and everything priced between 45 - 95L )

                          ~ Fresh Style Ride ~

Here is the Exclusive you can grab up from .HollyWeird.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

- Cosmopolitan Sales Room - Exclusive Piercing

Another round of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room is about to begin, and .HollyWeird. has an exclusive piercing out and DISCOUNTED for this event....


.HollyWeird. is also offering up a GIFT this round as well... A Unisex Piercing: