Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bloody Heart V-Day Gacha Fair.... @ Demented District

DeMented District has a valentine themed Gacha event starting up... It begins tomorrow (Feb 1st) and features designers who shops are in the district.... So head on over and grab some nicely priced loot! Be sure to bring your friends, so you can mix, match and trade!

And here is what you can get from .HollyWeird...................... and each is only 10L!

Here is your Bloody Heart V-Day Gacha Ride:

.HollyWeird. Linkage:

=Sneak Peek @ New .HollyWeird.=

Just adding the final touches......

.HollyWeird. is all new..... New location, New Build, New Items, New Fun Stuff!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jack Or Jill Hunt -Female Path Item-

The store is still in stages of being put together.... but the hunts go on!  The Jack or Jill Hunt, brought to the grid by Depraved Promotions, will begin on February 1st and will bring you some delicious items from SL's top stores....  It is a dual path hunt... so there is a path for the guys and the gals.... and here is what the girlies can hunt for at .HollyWeird. And while there.... please excuse our dust!

~Famed~  Face Piercing:


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Im Back & Under Construction.....

Due to some RL circumstances, I decided to take some time off from my SL last month... but now Im back! .HollyWeird. and Genz Gestures is currently under construction but will be back VERY soon. I have also taken this hiatus to reallllyyyyy rethink on both my stores... I have thought about what has worked well for the stores in the past, what hasn't, and how I am going to change it all!!

So stay tuned to this blog for all updates, the new location, and the re-opening~~~!

Stay Weird~ Jenika