Friday, February 24, 2012

~Whore Couture Fair~

I am so excited to be a part of the ~Whore Couture Fair~ and I wanted to share the items I made exclusively for this awesomely whorish event. Though I plan on making a few more items to be released during this event, these are two items that I made thus far...

=WhoreLicious Necklace= This black and silver beaded necklace not only lets you own your inner WHORE with its whore pendant, it also lets others know you own your womanhood and display it proudly with its female symbol pendant. Both pendants come adorned with diamonds...which we all know are a woman's best friend (Diamonds also come with a minimal nano bling that can easily be turned off or on to your liking).

=WhoriN HeelZ= These platform pumps are made for all woman to own the night. Its time to slide into these pumps and get your Whorin ON! But don't be fooled, with these spikey heelz, no man best be trying to take advantage of this chica, or a swift kick of these will bring the damage. Ha! *winky-wink*

...Hope You Enjoy! Stay Weird

==The Whore Couture Fair will run from March 1st-31st on its own sim... Drop by .HollyWeird. and click the sign for details!==

Sunday, February 12, 2012

$50L FRENZY Item =NEW=

This weeks $50L Frenzy day happens to fall on Valentines Day <3 ... so, I decided to create an item for the sale to go along with the theme of the day. The -Amour- Necklace & Earrings set is a brand new item that will not be for sale at .HollyWeird. until the day of the sale (Tuesday).

Both the Necklace and Earrings come equipped with a Resize Menu, and the Earrings each have a touch of bling added to the diamonds on them (the bling is very minimal, but can easily be turned off.)

Interested in this item? Be sure to stop by .HollyWeird. on Tuesday Feb14th to get it at a steal! Why your there, slap the $50L Frenzy board and stay updated on the great weekly sale that features many great designers!

~Till then...Stay Weird!

Love them Chunky Hearts!! Adorbs!

Chunky Hearts-Dangly Hearts & Diamond encrusted Heart Locket! <3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

=NEW= BeatN Heartz Necklace

So at first I created the anti-Valentines day necklace 'LoveSux Necklace' because I am a sucker for the underdog and wanted to create a lil something for those down on the lovey-dovey BS... but now I have created an item for those all about hearts, love and kissy-kissy faces.

The 'BeatN Heartz Necklace' is a very chic necklace that features some deep earthy red beads and silver hearts.  This necklace is one of those fab pieces that can easily be worn all year round and comes equipped with a Resizer to custom fit it to your sexy av! It is also a transferrable piece that makes a great gift for the love of your life and even works as a nice gift for your BFF.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

=New= Release - LoveSux Necklace

With everyone gearing up for Valentines and seeking all the items that express their love, lust and desire to smoosh.... I decided to go in a different direction. The -LoveSux Necklace- is designed for those who either hate the whole Valentine hoopla, have lost in love, or just wanna give the middle finger to whole Holiday.

The -LoveSux Necklace- features the traditional 'candy hearts' treats, but with a little twist. These hearts don't have the typical 'I Love You's' and 'Be Mines'... Instead this necklace gives you the option of 20 different ANTI-LOVE heart messages for expressive pleasure!

-Each Necklace Band also comes equipped w/ a color menu-

=New= Release CuppyCakez Set

Who doesn't love cupcakes... right? I wanted to create a cutesy item and designed the CuppyCakez necklace. After that was done though, I decided to make a set out of this and went with some matching earrings and a ring. Using some very complimentary colors of black on white for the wrapper, I topped the chocolate dessert off with a creamy purplish pink dollop of frosting. Yumz! And the colors are awesome if I say so myself! ;)

Each piece has some added flare too, as they each come with mini pink diamonds encrusted into the sides of the cupcakes. The diamonds have some very minimal nano-bling added to them, but this effect can easily be turned off and on to your liking....

Enjoy the CuppyCakez!