Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ϯ Kinky Monthly Event Ϯ // Cleo ~Punk Heels~

The second round of the monthly event, Kinky! has arrived and is full of............ well hot and kinky stuffs. duh! Cum see ;)

Here is what you will find from .HollyWeird. ==> OPEN NOW!


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Monday, September 14, 2015

Ϯ Autumn Effect Hunt Ϯ Depraved Nation Grid Wide Hunt


The Autumn Effect Hunt (brought to you by Depraved Nation) is about to kick off, and there are so many awesome stores and gifties for you all to hunt!

Here is the .HollyWeird. item you be hunting to get.... so be sure to stop in and not only hunt but also see our NEW MAINSTORE located on the Depraved Nation sims!

HUNT BEGINS: Sept 15th

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Ϯ Saving Sight Fundraising Event Ϯ // Aislin Sunglasses (Sold for limited time)

.HollyWeird. is proud to be a part of the fundraising event created to help one of SL's own, Shane Rodney Benbrook (owner of Deadpool) with his medical costs.

All sales and proceeds from this event will go to help Shane and his family.

Here is the exclusive item you will find from, HollyWeird. This item will ONLY be sold during the duration of this fundraiser.

Opens on Sept 12th.. Stay tuned for SLurl!

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Ϯ Body Mod Expo Ϯ // Back Dermals

.HollyWeird. once again is happy to be a part of Depraved Nations -Body Mod Expo- which opens on Sept 12th. Here are the two exclusives you can snag from .HollyWeird.....

B O D Y    M O D    E X P O ===> R I D E!

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