Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NEW~ Gurly Bitch Platforms =PHunk= Sale Item


Here is my latest  item and it wont be available till this weeks =PHunk= Sale. Grab it on Thursday or Friday in front of .HollyWeird. and you will get it for only 90L before it jumps back up to its regular non-sale price.

Here is your ride:

Monday, May 21, 2012

=NEW= Gifty

I know its been awhile since I put out a gift, but give a girl a break I have been busting my ballz trying to get the new sim up and ready...LOL I keed...I keed. But for reals, Just put out this lil gifty for all of youz so come by and snag it up.

And its Unisex so even the boyz can snag one!

Here is your ride: 

Right now Im digging this song. And that scares me... LOLOLOL! I am totally not a fan of 'The Biebs' but this song tots reminds me of my love, Timberlake (sigh-double sigh) yeah, don't judge ;)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MOH2 Item -Unisex Piercings-

Just finished up this item for the -Men Only Hunt 2-  The hunt will begin on May 26th and run thru June 9th.

    =Splash= Unisex Piercing comes with a resizer and is modifiable for your customizing needs....

This item will be available on May 26th at this location=>>>