Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ϯ Kinky Monthly Event Ϯ // Jezebel Dresses

Another Round of the Kinky Monthly is NOW OPEN!

.HollyWeird, has the new ~Jezebel - Punk Dresses~ Available.

Ϯ Jezebel .Punk Dress. Ϯ - 100% Mesh // 5 Sizes // Available in 3 Designs Skelly, Stripes & Plain (Each design comes with a HUD with 4 color choices.)


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Friday, November 20, 2015

Ϯ On the Boardwalk Frozen Fantasy Gacha Ϯ // Blitzen .Antlers.

The Little Bat sim is once again buzzing with a new Gacha Event.  This rounds theme is Frozen Fantasy, and is where you will find some wintery items with a gothy, dark twist to them.

For this round, .HollyWeird. has out some cute lil reindeer antlers.... Event runs Novemeber 20th thru December 4th!

F R O Z E N   F A N T A S Y   G A C H A!

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ϯ Thrift Shop Ϯ // Wyntir .Peacoat Dress.

Another round of Thrift Shop is open and full of discounted items for your shopping pleasures!
For this Winter themed round, .HollyWeird. has a Peacoat Dress available. This dress is available in 5 different colors (Grey, Red, Purple, Black & Rust) and each color choice comes with a HUD that includes 3 different pattern choices. Perfect touch for that sexy winter wardrobe!

WYNTIR .Peacoat Dress. // 100% Mesh // Compatible with Mesh & default bodies // Includes 5 Sizes // HUD Options: 3 patterns per each color

T H R I F T   S H O P   R I D E ................. 50% OFF EVERYTHING!

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