Thursday, June 7, 2012

=PHunk Da PHashion= Sale Item June7/8

Here is my item for this weeks =PHunk Da PHashion= Sale. This item is -NEW- and only priced at 60L for this event.... The -LuSt- Face Piercing is Unisex, and comes with a resizing script and is it is totally customizable for ya. Grab this up before it goes back to its regular price on Saturday.....

Here is your ride:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fashion Cache >> DeKadence -Face Piercings-

Its round 1 @ the Fashion Cache once again and that means .HollyWeird. once again has a NEW item for the event.

DeKadence -Face Piercings-

These piercings are modifiable and also come with a built-in resizer to make it totally customizable! This item will sell at the Fashion Cache for only 50L before jumping back up to a regular price.. So snag it up soon!

                                                      Snatch it up!... Here is your ride:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion Intoxication Crawl -Hard As Nails-

Fashion Intoxication is a new sim with some great organized fashions events. It is run by my buddy Grayson....and she is one legit chica who knows how to get it done..So be sure to check it out!!

Grayson just had a sidewalk sale to kick things off, but now her newest and probably biggest event has started... The Fashion Intoxication Crawl. The -Crawl- is an awesome event where the more you shop, the more intoxicated you get... Whaaat? Ok, so basically the more you shop the great bargain deals of the crawl event, the closer you will get to being intoxicated.... And getting intoxicated earns you some good loot donated by some of the superb designers partaking in the event. Shopping while intoxicated? Yaya... sounds like a place I wanna be... Dont you?

Here is my first item for the F.I Crawl and it is brand spankin NEW!

This event runs every Fri-Sat-Sun and here is your ride>>>>

XYRoom - Color Me Summer -

I am super excited to be accepted as a new designer in XYRoom... Yaya!

So with things heating up outside, I wanted to make my first item for the event, reflect the yummy colors of summer time. This Earring and Necklace set is available NOW and only 70L....

Here is an oldie but goodie... Summer Time