Saturday, September 29, 2012

Group Gift ~Vamp Ring~

I just set out a new group gifty..... The Vamp Ring. This ring is the perfect lil accessory for all your Halloween outfits!


You can snatch up this gifty in the .HollyWeird. Lobby

Nails by: Demented DreamWorX
(A .HollyWeird. Neighbor...check em out!)

Bitten -Piercing- [New]

Just in time for Halloween..... and I looooooooove Halloween..... is my latest item.

~Bitten~ Mouth Piercing -- This piercing is unisex, and also comes with a nifty resizer.
So come and get your bite on!..........................

You can find this item in the .HollyWeird. Lobby ==>

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hunt & Fair Items

Well its just about October and that means.... MORE HUNTS & FAIRS! Yay!

Here are 4 items from the ones that begin on October 1st. Stay tuned because October is stuffed full with all kindsa events and hunts... so there is much more free -NEW- ness on its way.

Check these out:

~Marilyn~ Mouth Piercing  (Feast of all Saints Hunt-Oct 1-Nov 1)

[ Item located at the .HW. Mainstore ]

~Franky Stein~ Neck Piercing  (Freak Meets Cutie Hunt-Oct 1-31)

[ Item located at the .HW. Mainstore ]

~Fortune Teller~ Unisex Necklace (Bangles, Bobbles & Bones Hunt-Oct 1-31)

[ Item located at the .HW. Mainstore ]

~Gothica~ Earrings (VA Moon Festival/Hunt Sept 30th- Oct 14th)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My SLoupon Rant.... Cuz I can.

About a week ago I received an IM from someone I didn't know.... This person snagged my attention away from working for 10 WHOLE MINUTES, to explain his new sale typy event (yet he says it is not an event...Wutevs!) Anywhoooos... He lets me know that I was referred to his 'event' from a fellow merchant friend of mine (whom I adore <3 & not her fault)... He also drops me a NC stock full of info, answers my questions, and then practically BEGS me to join their website, so as I can get good 'feel' for what their site and presence is about. So I look. I join. I apply.....

I even recommend the site to a fellow designer friend... and she applies as well. Less then 24 hours later she gets her answer. DENIED!  Denied because her store isn't a 'good fit'....

My application results? Must have been lost in the mail... Or maybe they were REALLY THINKING HARD on this one. Pfff... About 4 days later I get my response (and I applied first)... DENIED!  And for the same reason.. I dont fit. Whaaaaaaaaadafuk?

Ok, so let me get this straight.... YOU people come knockin on my IM box... drag me away from working to tell me all about their neato new EVENT... ITS AN EFFIN EVENT OK?!? Make me sign up for their site, friend me on their site, blah blah blah..... and it never occurs to them to check out if I 'FIT' before they decide to contact me? Lame.

So I have to ask the question.....  What non-themed, generic as FUK sale event would turn away ANY designer? Don't you want to appeal to all types? I would get it if this event was called 'Medieval Times Sales'... but it isnt. So why the whole 'FIT' crap? I dont get it.

Don't get me wrong, I could care less about the sale event... those are a dime a dozen in SL....  and I don't always get accepted into things I apply for.... No Biggie.  But to not do your homework on a store/designer before taking time out of your SL and theirs to try to lure them in... Well that only shows your level of sucking. So go suck it somewhere else. I run my business well and legit and I will never stand for the morons of SL who don't respect other people and their time. My business is real... Respect that!

Ok... rant over  *bows*  Thanks for listening... love to you all bitches! ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn Fair & Acorn Hunt Items

The Autumn Fair & Acorn Hunt kicks off tomorrow and here are my exclusives for this widely popular event that takes place in the Old Europe Village

-Azure Necklace- This item is an exclusive item I made for this event, and it will be offered at a discounted price.

And here is my FREEBIE item for the Acorn Hunt. You can find this =NEW= Freebie stashed away in a acorn at my Autumn Fair Booth. So snag it up!

Sept 21st - Oct. 15th

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flower Power Hunt Item -Pocket Of Posies Necklace-

The Flower Power Hunt....  This is the first JC PRESENTS Hunt that .HollyWeird. has participated in, and I am super excited to be apart of it.... Yay!

The theme is ~Flowers.... very colorful, neon, bright, pretty flowers. Cool stuff right?

This hunt will begin on Sept 15th and run thru Oct 15th and here is the gifty you will find @ .HollyWeird.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Autumn Effect Hunt Item [Ears w/ plugs & piercings]

Another -Depraved Nation Hunt- is upon us.... ==The Autumn Effect Hunt== will begin September 15th and run through October 15th. It will feature 100 SL designers and items made for the hunt will either be unisex or there will be both a male and female gift at each stop.

Here is the gift you will find at .HollyWeird.

DUSK - Ears w/ plugs & piercings -

Your ride to .HollyWeird. =>