Monday, December 17, 2012

.HollyWeird. Accepted Into Whore Couture Fair 2!

Early this year I had the pleasure of being invited into my very first fair by the adorable MissQwerty Pevensey... and that Fair was the ~Whore Couture Fair~.... Throughout this year I have been involved in many wonderful fairs, but none as fantabulous as the Whore Couture Fair. So I am super duperly tickled to announce that .HollyWeird. has once again been accepted into the first round of designers for the upcoming WCF2!  Yaya!

The fair will begin on March 1st... So mark them calendars and stay tuned here for some sneak peeks!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

.HollyWeird. Welcomes A New BLOGGER

.HollyWeird. would like to take a minute to welcome a new blogger to the team....

*~ Diaz Soir ~*

So go check her out and give her some blog lovin!


Thursday, December 13, 2012


FROST FAIR is open! Well it actually opened yesterday, but since I have family in town this week, I'm a bit behind on getting this post out........   Anyways, back to the FAIR stuffs.... .HollyWeird. has two new exclusives for your wintery shopping pleasure out and ready to be snatched up!  I originally had planned to release 3 items, but I still have some fine tuning to do on one of them (yeah I can be a tad OCD about that kinda stuff..LOL)... and it will later be released at a great price for ya!

Here are the two Exclusives and a couple snapshots of the Frost Store.... There is also some hand picked favorites from the mainstore at the FROST FAIR at a 'Freezingly Fantastic' Price of 32L! See what I just did there....... mmmhmmmm ;)

Frost Fair SLurl:

.HollyWeird. Linkage:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Frost Fair [Item Teaser] -- Blizzard Boots --

I am wayyyy excited for the upcoming FROST FAIR that is coming to the grid on 12.12.12 and brought to you by -Depraved Nation-..... So excited that I am leaking a pic of one of my exclusives for the icy event. These ~Blizzard Boots~ are padded latex, knee high boots and the perfect addition for your winter wardrobe.... and the price will blow you away.... but yeah, your going to have to stay tuned for all those kinda details. ;)

Blizzard Boots~

Skirt: Blow-Up
Vest: Epic
Hair: .Ploom.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Frost Fair 12.12.12 -Video Teaser-

Super psyched for the upcoming FROST FAIR brought to the grid by Depraved Nation? I know I am.
Watch this video teaser.....  Yay!

Stay tuned for updates on some of the .HollyWeird. Exclusives you will be able to snag up from here...
Till then........... Stay Weird.

New December Hunts

Okay peeps, December is here..... What? Already? I know right!!!  And so that means, NEW hunts are starting up. Time to get your hunt on!

Hunts starting December 1st:

                          ~Santa's Little Diva Hunt~ Brought to you by DivaLicious Events:

                                                             ~Sweet Christmas Hunt~

                                ~The Brothers Grimm Hunt~ Brought to you by Toro Hunts:
                            Inspired by the story 'Cinderella' One of my all time FAV stories

                                       ~Goth Xmas Hunt~ Brought to you by Nefeli Events:

You can HUNT for all these items at the .HollyWeird. Mainstore.....

Your ride and Links:

Winter Fair 2012

Dress warm, bundle up, and plan on heading over to the 2012 Winter Fair today!  Featuring TONS of insanely talented designers, this event is aimed at satisfying your winter wardrobe and fashion needs....

And here are the EXCLUSIVES that .HollyWeird. has brought to the event:

Stay warm & accessorize with these Winter Knit Wraps!

Time to get your UGGs on! And 4 different styles to choose from!

This Adorbs headband is such a cutesy item for your wardrobe.... and it features an ON/OFF 
Twinkle/Snow option!

This icy piercing is an Exclusive Subscriber FREEB!
{Buy the item for 0L and be added to the .HollyWeird. Subscriber!}

.HollyWeird. normal day prices are 99L or Less, soooo you can be sure to find all the above EXCLUSIVE Winter Fair items for a steal of a deal @ 50L or Less!

Your Winter Fair 2012 Ride:

.HollyWeird. Links: