Jewelry Scripts/Info

Most jewelry/accessory/shoe/clothing items from .HollyWeird. come equipped with scripts to customize your piece to your liking. Here is a list of the scripts that (may) be included in your item and instructions on how to use them.

**Please note: Some items will contain all, some, or none of these scripts. Each included script is noted on the box your item came in & on the store display from which you purchased it. :)

==Resizer Script ==

1. Just click on your item and it will bring up a menu. You can increase or decrease the size of your item in different increments. It is recommended that you resize in small increments. (Note: Most jewelry items are made at the smallest possible size and will only increase in size.)

2. Default button: will return your item to its original size.

=====Bling Script ======

Some jewelry items have a bling script in them. This is a very minimal bling script that only adds a little luster to your item (This is not the annoying bling script that blinds This script can easily be turned off/on in two ways.

1. Clicking on the item will either turn it off or on. Please note that if your item has other scripts in them that this will also activate that menu.

2. Type in local chat: bling off  (or)  bling on


===Modifiable Jewelry===

Some items from -KursedAngel- are sold modifiable (All Jewelry permissions are listed on the AD board at the location you purchased your item, as well as on the box your item will come in)

**Please Note: Items that say they are mod on the AD POSTER, will show that they are not modifiable due to the resizer script that is in each item (the script is not mod). Ignore it and mod away!  BUT please make a copy of your item before you try and make any changes, so that you always have a back-up.

Thanks & Enjoy!!

~ Deanna Nastie // Owner & Founder

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