Saturday, February 4, 2012

=New= Release CuppyCakez Set

Who doesn't love cupcakes... right? I wanted to create a cutesy item and designed the CuppyCakez necklace. After that was done though, I decided to make a set out of this and went with some matching earrings and a ring. Using some very complimentary colors of black on white for the wrapper, I topped the chocolate dessert off with a creamy purplish pink dollop of frosting. Yumz! And the colors are awesome if I say so myself! ;)

Each piece has some added flare too, as they each come with mini pink diamonds encrusted into the sides of the cupcakes. The diamonds have some very minimal nano-bling added to them, but this effect can easily be turned off and on to your liking....

Enjoy the CuppyCakez!

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