Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New V.I.P Group + Gift

.HollyWeird. has always had many ways to keep updated on whats current with the store, but now I have also added a few new twists....

** V.I.P Group- Previously .Hollyweird. Group Members would benefit by not only receiving news, but they would also receive gifts. I have now made that group into an update only group (exactly like the Subscriber group) For a one-time fee of $200L, you can now join the .Hollyweird. V.I.P Group.

With This Group, in addition to regular updates on new items, sales, events, hunts and more, you will also receive Group Gifts + earn 10% credit on EVERY .Hollyweird. purchase. This 10% credit is also in addition to the (Bronze/Silver/Gold Credit Tier system) that has always been in place and is available to everyone (group & non-group). The V.I.P Group will also be the first to know of a NEW release or Limited Release.... via group notice, and will have the chance to purchase certain items at discounted prices before the new item is announced via the regular group and subscriber.

Here is the new Tiers for the Bronze/Silver/Gold Tier System:

Bronze: Spend  $600.... Earn 5% credit on every purchase after.
Silver:  Spend   $1000... Earn 7% credit on every purchase after.
Gold: Spend  $2000...  Earn 10% credit on every purchase after.

With the V.I.P Group, you automatically earn 10% credit on each purchase, right from the start... In addition, you will also be working towards a tier level with each purchase... Which can eventually have you earning 20% credit on every purchase, once you reach Gold level status. Cool right? :)

Here is the =New= V.I.P Group Gift:

You can grab your gift here:

.HollyWeird. Linkage:

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