Thursday, January 19, 2012

= Skulleez Platform Shoes = 2 Styles!

I just took a plunge into the unknown and designed my first pair of shoes...Yay. A lover of polka dots and  the sexiness that plats give my avi, I figured I would design the cutest lil pair of shoes....

The shoe is a SUPER high platform with an adorbs chunky flared heel. I don't know what it is about chunky heels, but I am mad about em.... With an added touch of skullz and laces, these shoes are already my new favs.

I've added a texture changing script so that they can easily be color cordinated to any outfit in your wardrobe, and they also have a resizing script to custom fit them to any SL avi. Dont you just love choices?? LOL

I also decided to go Zebra print with them... What ya think?

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